Quality policy

The Management of Pla Albert, S.L, establishes as Quality Policy:

– Implement and maintain an effective and dynamic Quality Management System that is capable of continuous improvement, which allows the satisfaction of the expectations of its customers and other interested parties and complies with the specifications, contracts and legislation applicable to the company’s activity.

– The management of Pla Albert, SL identifies the risks and opportunities that need to be addressed to achieve the expected results, increase the desirable effects and prevent or reduce undesirable effects and achieve improvement.

– The Quality Management System of Pla Albert, S.L is based on the prevention of non-conformities, as an efficient and economic means to provide our clients with quality services. Therefore, all staff of the company has freedom and responsibility to inform the manager any situation that endangers the proper functioning of the Quality Management System.

– The Quality Management System of Pla Albert, S.L that is defined and developed in this Quality Manual and other documented information emanating from it, will be mandatory for all company personnel.

– The Management of Pla Albert, S.L, is committed to spread and ensure the understanding of this Quality Policy at all levels of the organization, reviewing its adequacy. Likewise, said policy will be reviewed annually for its continuous adaptation to the needs of the client and the internal ones.

– The Management of Pla Albert, SL, is committed to establishing personnel training programs to ensure that each activity is carried out in the appropriate manner, thus contributing to an improvement in quality, an optimization in the allocation of resources and an increase in the productivity. For this, the Prevention of Occupational Risks will always be a basic premise.

– Get the participation of the staff in order to establish formulas that lead to a continuous improvement in the implementation of our activities.

The above general objectives are the reference framework for establishing and reviewing the quality objectives that are marked annually. The objectives and consequent action to achieve them will be disseminated to all the people involved in the organization.


Date: 06/07/2016